Power of thoughts -1

Few years back, I came across a very interesting write up about the work of a Scientist of Japanese origin , and very recently a dear friend reminded me of his amazing work . The scientist -Masaru Emoto had conducted a unique experiment where he froze the water from different sources like city tap water , pristine water from the mountain lakes and polluted water from the industrial areas , after freezing these samples in his laboratory , what he saw under the microscope excited him as he could clearly see that clean pristine water made beautiful crystals while polluted water made deformed crystals ! Post this experiment several innovative experiments were conducted , where one sample was subjected to beautiful music or words while the other sample ( from the same source ) was subjected to cruel words or dark music , and when the frozen crystals were observed under the microscope , The crystals subjected to cruel words dark music came out deformed while their counterparts receiving beautiful music and words came out looking exquisitely beautiful !
I have always wondered about the power of our thoughts in shaping our bodies , when we are on a weight loss diet and we pick up a piece of cake , what are the subconscious thoughts around it ? do we curse it inwardly blaming it for our weight gain and breaking our discipline ? what are the other thoughts that cross our minds during the day ? are they affirmative , positive and empowering ? or do they create fear , anger and restlessness in our minds ?
how are we treating ourselves ? is something we can pause and ponder …