My Philosophy

My Philosophy



What is  health?

In my opinion health is when your body is in rhythm and harmony with your mind. When I mean harmony, it means that one is not tormented by  a myriad of physical aches pains and discomfort which may let us live but may take away the  joy of living.

Health is not the absence of disease, which was taught to us in the first year of medical college, but a state where one is enjoying the state of living ones life, where the body is responsive to our mind and the mind is in harmony with the body, this is true wellness .

Empowering the person is the foundation of my philosophy of health . health can not be given to anyone , it is a state one reaches when one has the knowledge and the wisdom to execute the knowledge in the right direction to get freedom from the lower quality of life and rise to a healthful state

Empowering is facilitating  the patient or person to actually imbibe all the health practices and use it for his /her  betterment . it is all about becoming powerful and participating in the process of healing ones body . It is freedom from dependency on , diets , addictions and many other aspects which bring down the zest to live

Health can not be achieved overnight… it is a process which has to be learned and followed consistently and passionately… quite simply one has to fall in love with being healthy


A lot people find business only about making maximum money with the efforts one might have put in , which is a strange definition.

In India the Goddess of wealth is worshiped , which is not the same as a lustful acquisition of wealth It  is an energy, and a very powerful one…

Wealth is a powerful force which if applied in the correct way actually brings prosperity , development and comfort , but the same energy if gone wrong can become most destructive , that is why the Goddess of wealth is to humbly worshipped and not forcefully , deceitfully acquired

What can a business do…

It creates a product or service which benefits humankind

It creates wealth for all the stakeholders

It creates a process of recognizing and mastering ones potential in a methodical way

Business works in an environment which constantly challenges human capability and skill sets and raises them to better levels

An organization built on values becomes a magnet for talented people to discover their benchmarks while contributing to society.

Work is worship for a karmyogi !!!

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