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For years as a Doctor I used to see many patients struggle with weight issues, cholesterol problems and diabetes, and I wondered why can’t we have a simple and effective program which is fun to follow. How could I advise a program to my patients which was so difficult and boring that even I could not have done it. I always wondered is it not possible to create a health program which is personalized, simple to follow and fun ?

Out of this dream, what emerged was a company of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, Nutritionists which combined the best of Allopathy, Ayurved and Nutrition to create a world class “health program”

Our mission at Nutri Health is very simple, we through our 10 years of research and knowledge want to find practical solutions for our clients concerning their weight, lifestyle diseases or nutrition issues.

All this is done by a scientific methodology and a clearly defined process of consultations.

The idea is to avoid generalized diets, starvation or boring solutions, or any gimmicks, instead work with the client to first understand the unique metabolic type of the person and then make customized solutions.

The program which is now run at the Nutri Health clinics is highly personalized, diagnosis based, with  simple and fun solutions with a lot of variety to eat.

At Nutri Health our endeavor is not to simply give weight loss… but to assist the client to discover a new way of eating and in the process discover ones beautiful body the way God intended it to be, which is not only shapely but also healthy from inside.

We are committed to helping and serving our clients – a vision of health for all our clients who want to walk the safe and scientific path of health and wellness for life.

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